What is this Blog About?

Hi! My name is Taylor Valencia and I am a civil engineer from Stafford, Virginia who will be serving as a Youth in Development Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand beginning in January 2015. I am not fluent in Thai and I’ve never even traveled to Asia but with a positive mindset I am excited to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer 8,826 miles away from my home; a journey I will document through this blog. As a reader, you can expect to read my triumphs, embarrassing moments, and trials as I assimilate to a new culture. Who knows maybe you’ll even be persuaded to become a Peace Corps volunteer too 🙂





20 thoughts on “What is this Blog About?

  1. Taylor,
    You are certainly making Dad and I learn all about “blogging”. I think I can get used to this form of social media. We miss having you home already and you just left this morning!
    Love You!


  2. Congratulations Taylor on making the first leg of your journey. Your mom shared your site with me and I look forward to enjoying your adventures with you. I promise to take good care of your mom while she’s at work. I know how very proud both of your parents are of you. Enjoy!


  3. Hey Ms. Taylor! What a great experience you will have. I look forward to your entries, since I have not yet been to Thailand I will be living vicariously through you. Stay safe and I hope you have a blast!


  4. What’s up cuz. This is Corey. I’m having lunch with your parents just talking family. Wanted to say I love you and I’m very proud of you. You definitely rule.
    Happy VDay!!!!


  5. Great Blog. I traveled to Thailand last summer for the first time and loved it. I look forward to hearing all about your odyssey.


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